Friday, November 28, 2008

Portal Update November 2008

Another month has passed, year end is close so let's see what happened this month in the portal space:
  • SUN:
    - WebSynergy Milestone 3 Release! This is the last milestone release before the upcoming commercial release. Enhancements are mainly in documentation, integration between Liferay and WebSynergy.

  • JBoss:
    - JSR-286 Portal: Release 2.7 has been released on Oct 30th, right after I posted last month's summary ;-) This release supports all features specified by the Portlet 2.0, namely Public Parameters, Portlet Resource Serving, Portlet Filters, Portlet Coordination and provides some additional features not actually specified by JSR-286.

  • eXo:
    - eXo Portal 2.5 beta released: Fully JSR-286 compliant, supports Google Gadgets and comes with an integrate Gadget Repository
    - At DevFest in Bangkok, eXo announced a new product called eXo Social. It is consisting of two modules, eXo People and eXo Spaces, both running on top of eXo Portal 2.5. Both modules feature API based on OpenSocial and will bring social networking closer to the enterprise!
    The release of eXo Social 1.0 is targeted for January 2009.

  • Oracle (BEA):
    In some Oracle Open World 2008 slide decks I picked up these interesting statements:

    WebLogic Portal (WLP):
    - The whole WSRP framework of the WebLogic Portal will be integrated into WebCenter
    - WebLogic Portal's VCR (Virtual Content Repository) will also be integrated into WebCenter
    - Supported Content Management APIs in next year's releases of Oracle's portal products will be focused on JSR-170, REST and the recently announced new standard from OASIS called CMIS (announced Sept 10th 2008, involved companies are SUN, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Alfresco)
    - Next release (11g) has codename "Sunshine"

    AquaLogic User Interaction (ALUI):
    - Fully part of WebCenter Suite and WebCenter Services, means:
    - ALUI Blogs/Wikis and Tagging have been integrated into WebCenter Services
    - ALUI Collaboration and Interaction Mgmt have been integrated into WebCenter Suite
    - Next release (11g) has codename "Neo"

  • Other portal and Java related quick news:
    - Dec-10: Devoxx is already sold out! ;-) (fka JavaPolis, Javoxx)
    - Dec-02: SUN announced that JavaFX Desktop should be released!
    - Nov-27: JPA 2.0 released (public review)
    - Nov-19: NetBeans 6.5 is out
    - Nov-11: SpringSource acquires G2One (Groove and Grails specialists company)
    - Nov-08: Seam 2.1 supports GlassFish v2
    - Nov-06: GlassFish v3 Prelude released! Together with the OpenPortal Portlet 2.0 Update 1 and OSGi, RESTful Web Services, support for Rails and Grails, and technology previews (JSF 2.0, JAX-RS 1.0, EJB 3.1)
    - Nov-05: JSR-299 WebBeans released (public draft)
    - Nov-03: Metro 1.4 released ( = WSIT 1.4 + JAX-WS RI 2.1.5 + JAXB RI 2.1.7)
    - Oct-31: GlassFish includes EclipseLink as its default JPA implementation

  • IBM: no portal news

  • Eclipse: no portal news

  • NetBeans: see quick news above

  • IntelliJIDEA: no portal news