Friday, May 29, 2009

JBoss Seam Hot Deploy with Maven - EAR Projects

As requested on some comments on my previous posts (initial post and update), the Seam Hotdeploy Maven plugin now works also with EAR projects.

Some more details on how to configure your project can be found in our Google Code Wiki. The plugin now defines a new packaging type for Seam WAR modules - the only possibility to override the war:war goal in the package phase.

If you're interested in how to override the default lifecycle Maven goal, you can check out the plugin source - something I haven't been able to google easily. Or, maybe wait for a dedicated blog post - stay tuned!

Something you should definitely checkout with the Hot Deploy plugin is the Maven CLI plugin. See the great post from Dan here, or the integration in the sample POM.

As usual, feedback and contributions are very welcome!

Friday, May 15, 2009

CTP @ JavaOne 2009

Only three weeks until Java One! Can't believe it's less than one month away!!
So let's have a look at what we think is hot this year. As every year, the conference has a certain umbrella topic where this year's JavaOne is certainly in the light of Java EE 6:
  • JavaEE6: JSF 2.0 @ TS-4640 (by Ed Burns)
  • JavaEE6: Servlet 3.0 @ TS-3790
  • JavaEE6: JPA 2.0 @ TS-5214
  • JavaEE6: Contexts & Dependency Injection (WebBeans) @ TS-6726 (by Gavin King)
  • JavaEE6: EJB3.1 @ TS-4605
  • JavaEE6: Developing JPA Applications with NetBeans and EclipseLink @ TS-5018
  • JavaEE6: JAX-RS (REST) @ BOF-4878
  • JavaEE6: Glassfish v3 (JavaEE6 Reference Implementation) @ TS-4923
  • JavaEE6: JCA 1.6 @ TS-4733
  • JBoss Seam: Conversations and Page Flows on the JSF Platform @ TS-5045 (by Seam in Action author Dan Allen)
  • Java Posse BOF @ BOF-4418 with Dick Wall (he likes the Groovy! :-), Joe Nuxoll and Carl Quinn, why is Tor Norbye not listed? Probably still digesting Snoracle!
  • Google App Engine @ TS-3817
  • Building JavaEE based Web Apps with Google Open-Source Technology @ TS-4062
  • Effective Java: Still effective after all these years @ TS-5127 (by Joshua Bloch!)
  • Defective Java Code: Mistakes that matter @ TS-5335
  • Metro Web Services Security @ TS-4402
  • Enterprise Integration Patterns in Practice @ TS-4839
  • SOA at Enterprise Scale @ TS-5123
  • Spring 3.0 @ TS-5225 (by Rod Johnson)
Of course there are much much more topics addressed like Scala, JavaFX, Java Mobile including Bluray Disc Java, lots of sessions about Cloud Computing, GWT, Groovy, OSGi and many more...

Interesting sessions at the CommunityOne West Conference (starting 1 day before JavaOne):
  • Oracle EclipseLink: S308133
  • SUN Glassfish Portfolio: Where is it going?: S307894
  • Architecting robust Applications for Amazon EC2: S304314
How to get updates:
  • Follow Balz live from JavaOne via his Twitter account (also see widget at the end of this post)
  • Follow other twitworks: Kevin Farnham or the JavaOne official twitwork
  • will produce again lots of Podcasts (not Pencasts!):
    The Schedule has been published already.
  • And: Check this blog after JavaOne for a summary!

Friday, May 8, 2009

CTP Java Pencast #1

Welcome to the first pencast!
Switch on audio to fully enjoy the show!
Be aware that this has been recorded in one single shot and without any post-processing...

  • JavaME enabled pen by Livescribe
  • Customer Technology Stack: JSF 1.2, JBoss Seam 2.1 (with jBPM), Hibernate 3, WebLogic Server 10.3 or JBoss Application Server 5
  • Java EE5 : JSF 1.2, EJB 3.0, JPA 1.0, Glassfish v2
  • Java EE6 : JSF 2.0, EJB 3.1, JPA 2.0, Glassfish v3
So come back to visit us for checking details on the discussed web technology stacks!