Friday, May 8, 2009

CTP Java Pencast #1

Welcome to the first pencast!
Switch on audio to fully enjoy the show!
Be aware that this has been recorded in one single shot and without any post-processing...

  • JavaME enabled pen by Livescribe
  • Customer Technology Stack: JSF 1.2, JBoss Seam 2.1 (with jBPM), Hibernate 3, WebLogic Server 10.3 or JBoss Application Server 5
  • Java EE5 : JSF 1.2, EJB 3.0, JPA 1.0, Glassfish v2
  • Java EE6 : JSF 2.0, EJB 3.1, JPA 2.0, Glassfish v3
So come back to visit us for checking details on the discussed web technology stacks!


Nicolas said...

Not viewable from the iPhone... Apple, flash support please.

Thomas said...

Flash? Where the hell is Java?? ;-)