Friday, May 29, 2009

JBoss Seam Hot Deploy with Maven - EAR Projects

As requested on some comments on my previous posts (initial post and update), the Seam Hotdeploy Maven plugin now works also with EAR projects.

Some more details on how to configure your project can be found in our Google Code Wiki. The plugin now defines a new packaging type for Seam WAR modules - the only possibility to override the war:war goal in the package phase.

If you're interested in how to override the default lifecycle Maven goal, you can check out the plugin source - something I haven't been able to google easily. Or, maybe wait for a dedicated blog post - stay tuned!

Something you should definitely checkout with the Hot Deploy plugin is the Maven CLI plugin. See the great post from Dan here, or the integration in the sample POM.

As usual, feedback and contributions are very welcome!

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