Monday, August 4, 2008

Portal Update July 2008

Welcome back to the monthly portal summary post by Cambridge Technology Partners.
Enjoy the July edition:
  • SUN: Both WebSynergy and Liferay Portal now share an identical Portlet Container
  • Liferay: Liferay has released Liferay Portal 5.1.0
    Main improvements can be read here, worth mentioning is the bundling with Glassfish v2 & v3 (!),
  • eXo: Portlet Container 2.0 and Portal 2.1 have been released!
    An excellent summary has been posted by InfoQ about the first portal offering to provide full support - consumer and provider - of the new Java Portlet 2.0 API (JSR 286) and Web Service Remote Portlet 2.0 (WSRP 2.0).
    It also nicely summarizes the rich feature set of the eXo JCR (JSR-170 compliant)
  • eXo: WebOS:
    A revolutionary portal user experience is demonstrated with their WebOS product
  • JBoss: JBoss Portal version 2.7.0 beta has been released which integrates the new
    Portlet container implementing the Portlet 2.0 API (JSR 286).
  • Oracle (BEA), IBM: no updates in July

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