Sunday, October 19, 2008

Java People Spotlight: Piyush Shah

"People Spotlight" is going to bring some light into the undercover hacker rooms at CTP where Piyush is getting his hands dirty on new frameworks and technologies. The picture tells both: his strong developer skills as well as his social engagements at CTP being official "CTP Staff" of the Social Committee...Enjoy!

Java Community Role:
Developer [aka 0800-DEBUG: "Who you gonna call?" - "Bug-Shah Buster!!!!"]
My Master Kung-Fu Skills
Apache Tomcat 6, WebLogic 10, Javascript
I'd be excited to get my hands dirty on:
Spring and JBoss Seam


Q: Hi Piyush, how would your message look like if you would have to tell it via Twitter what you are currently doing?
A: Trying to break and rebuild Interwoven Teamsite to incorporate Xopus.

What was the greates piece of code you have ever written so far?
A: request.getRequestDispatcher(URL).forward(request, response);

Q: What is the best quote you have ever heard from one of your peers?
A: "Developing an application is like making a movie"

Q: What is the best quote you have heard from our managers?
A: "XYZ technology, you can do it. It’s a piece of cake."

Q: What is the most cutting-edge technology or framework you actually used on projects?
A: Porting my custom code using SSH client on Solaris server and making sure it is Java1.4 compatible.

Q: What is your favorite podcast?
A: TSS (

Q: Which Java book can you recommend?
A: SCJP6 - by Katherine Sierra

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