Wednesday, June 3, 2009

JavaOne 2009 Summary: Tuesday (Day 1)

Take a deep breath... Time is really rushing away, it is actually Wednesday night now (11pm), 50% already passed, but as promised in the previous post, there will be a summary of each day. So here it is!
Before kicking off, read the summary of Monday's ConferenceOne if you haven't done so already...

JavaOne Day 1 Summary

As every year, Day 1 started with the General Session, the key note by Sun itself and hosted this year by Sun's CGO (Chief Gaming Officer) Chris Melissinos.
Guests on stage were
  • James Barresse, VP of Architecture, Platforms and Systems with eBay
  • Alan Brunner, Senior VP for the Blackberry Platform
  • Dan Eklund, Executive VP of Advanced Technologies at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  • Lowell McAdam, President and CEO of Verizon
  • Diane Bryant, Executive VP at Intel
  • Ronan McBrien, JavaFX TV Architect (nice demo, video should be available here)
  • Nandini Ramani, Director for JavaFX
Some pictures:

Jonathan Schwarz about BDJ and BD Live

Java FX TV Demo:

=== Key Note Highlights ===
  • Oracle and the Future of Java:
    At the end of the key note, Scott McNealy called Oracle CEO Larry Ellison up on stage to address the $7.4 billion dollar question -- what will be the future of Java?
    My key notes from his answer are:
    - Oracle with a much greater R&D budget than Sun will be able to even more push Java forward. Quote: "I don't expect a lot of changes, just expanded investment and a lot of enthusiasm coming from Oracle."
    - He mentioned JavaFX many times, he wants OpenOffice to use JavaFX as UI. He also mentioned that it would be interesting to see Android based phones and netbooks from Sun running Java and JavaFX. Rumors say that pushing JavaFX will secure his seat in the UI battle between Silverlight and Flex.
    - "Look at the past to see the future": by this he most probably meant Oracle's dedication to Java since its birth, its commitment to support the community and to actively participate in Java's future.
    - Interesting Link about Larry's talk
    - Some pictures:
    Scott mentioning that Larry might have more luck
    to bring the JVM on the iPhone :-)

    "Mr. Oracle"

    - And enjoy the following video:

  • Java Store! presented by James Gosling: still in beta, community is asked to give feedback on how payments should be implemented.

  • Release of Java FX 1.2 !

  • "The classpath is dead": Chief Engineer of Java SE, Mark Reinhold, said this after having shown a nifty demo on how Java SE 7 manages modules.

  • "The web.xml is dead": CTO at Sun, Bob Brewin, said this while talking about the next enterprise release Java EE 6.

  • Announcement of JATAF ! The Java Application Terminal Alignment Framework is an open, collaborative community striving for a unified Java ME platform.

  • Project Dark Chat: Nice demo app for the JavaOne.
    --> Download this JNLP file (jre6u10 required)

  • DJ Anna: for me as a fan of electronic music, the opening sounds mixed live by DJ Anna, a local DJ of San Francisco, are always a pleasure to listen to...

  • and of course: Gosling's T-Shirt Tossing!!!

=== Technical Sessions Highlights ===
As it got already very late and I am still writing about yesterday!, more take aways from the technical sessions will follow (as CTP internal Knowledge Shares or in form of upcoming blog posts):
Interesting sessions were EJB 3.1, Servlet 3.0, Java EE 6 and GlassFish v3, Spring 3.0, JSF 2.0 and others...

=== BOFs ===
  • The most exciting BOF was of course the one of JavaPosse !
    Download the mp3 and listen yourself what happened!! :
    Episode 0x100 (#256)

    As last year, the beer got sponsored by Atlassian and started with some polls from the audience. After that, they talked about topics and news they picked up during the first day...
    After the show we joined them for some drinks at the Kate O'Briens pub near Moscone. I could finally tell Joe to accept my friend request on Xbox360 in order to see his hotlaps in Forza2 (he is actually a real race driver, watch this video if you don't believe me) and Carl told us some more details about his brand new Tesla (100% electric car)... A great moment in life indeed to finally get to know these dudes! :-) I could not talk much with Dick Wall unfortunately... One more reason to go again to JavaOne! ;-) At least one important thing I could tell him: Talk more about Enterprise stuff!

  • BOF about Lift: The Best Way to create RIAs with Scala
    (by David Pollak, Lead of the Lift Framework)

    to be honest, I can't comment on this content-wise... The way it was presented was cool (I like the humour of David Pollak), it was also interesting to see how he quickly implemented a fully functioning ajax based chat tool from scratch in less than 100 lines of code :-) but I could only take this one with me: Learn Scala first, then lift off with Lift.... ok! -> Scala book bought!!

Good night (oh no... in 5 hours the alarm kicks on :-),


Azeem Jiva said...

Hi, I'm in one of your pictures. The guy in the purple shirt looking to the side in the picture below "Technical Sessions Highlights". Do you think you could email me the full size image for my archives? Thanks.

Gary Frost said...

Actually I am in the very same picture but would like all copies in the known universe to be deleted! :) It is going to take some serious photoshop/gimp work to get rid of my wacky haircut and beer-belly.

Hey great blog series by the way.

Dick Wall said...

Hi Balz - great pictures. Sorry we didn't get to chat - I suspect I was chatting away in another part of the bar. Next time, please come up and say hi.