Friday, November 20, 2009

Java People Spotlight: Sylvain Berthouzoz

The "People Spotlight" series is catching up after a rather long break...
Sylvain has joined Cambridge Technology Partners in January 2006 and is an important know-how carrier in the Java Competence Group since then.
So let's check out the answers by Sylvain then!

Java Competence Role:
Developer [aka Java Debugger or Mr. jBPM]
My Master Kung-Fu Skills
I can hit everyone with a single process in jBPM
I'd be excited to get my hands dirty on:
JPA2: see how they included the Criteria query...
...and to see what Ezio Audirore da Firenze will do.

Q: Hi Sylvain, how would your message look like if you would have to tell it via Twitter what you are currently doing?
A: Sitting in the train in hoping that the locomotive don’t break this time.

Q: What was the greatest piece of code you have ever written so far?
A: Testing if all the elements in a list are different from each other:
List< Long > list = Arrays.asList(longs);
Set< Long > set = new HashSet< Long >(list);
return (longs.length == set.size());
Q: What is the best quote you have ever heard about programming?
A: “koffienodig”

Q: What is the best quote you have heard from our managers?
A: "There is not enough boxes here."

Q: What is the most cutting-edge technology or framework you actually used on projects?
A: JBoss Seam

Q: What is your favorite podcast?
A: The gameblog podcast every week. And the Java Posse from time to time.

Q: Which Java book can you recommend and for what reason?
A: Seam in Action, because it is a great book to start with seam and you’ll also learn how to play golf.

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Nicolas said...

Ciao Sylvain, nice to hear from you !
So what exactly does this cool code do? Can you explain more?