Friday, September 19, 2008

Java People Spotlight: Christoph Reimann

We now start with a series of "People Spotlight" posts to introduce Java related CTP consultants. Our kickoff candidate is Christoph Reimann!

Java Community Role: Developer [aka Java Grizzly Bear]
My Master Kung-Fu Skills
: WebLogic 10, JSF 1.2, Hibernate 3
I'd be excited to get my hands dirty on
: EJB 3 , Spring 2.5


Q: Hi Christoph, how would your message look like if you would have to tell it via Twitter what you are currently doing?
A: Right now I'm coordinating the database migration of a marketing application in production together with the single point of contact and the database team.

Q: What was the greates piece of code you have ever written so far?
A: Dynamic Form generation based on business rules

Q: What is the best quote you have ever heard from one of your peers?
A: "sure sure sure" (Martin L, onsite running gag)

Q: What is the best quote you have heard from our managers?
A: "Christoph, was isch denn das füren shizzle?" (BS)

Q: What is the most cutting-edge technology or framework you actually used on projects?
A: WebLogic Portal 10.0 portlet implementations using custom data federation with WSRP

Q: Which Java book can you recommend and for what reason?
A: Handbuch der Java-Programmierung (covers all J2SE topics easy to understand)

1 comment:

Nicolas said...

How can you get your hands "dirty" with EJB3's, it's just impossible ;-)
Jokes apart, congrats for the great blogging, this is a top communication tool.