Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Java People Spotlight: Phuong Nguyen

Our "People Spotlight" series continues with the next Java Community member Phuong Nguyen!

Java Community Role:
  Developer [aka Fongdroid or JTroubleshooter]
My Master Kung-Fu Skills
  Aikido (Java incompatible and performance leak issues debug & solve)
  Judo (Java unexpected errors debug & solve)
I'd be excited to get my hands dirty on
  Android 1.0 SDK with a Google Dream phone


Q: Hi Phuong, how would your message look like if you would have to tell it via Twitter what you are currently doing?
A: Twitter??? Never heard about. Is it a new facebook application? :D

Q: What was the greates piece of code you have ever written so far?

String documentId = request.getAttribute("documentid");
  • This line of code will fail to get what we expect to get in a WSRP scenario if the consumer doesn't federate the data to the producer.
  • In addition, for some specific configuration of an application server, it would be executed only once, or several times or not executed at all.
  • With IPC (Interportlet Communication), it could have the effect that the second portlet get the old value of the last request (one step back effect).
  • Many lessons learned from a single line of code. Isn't it great?
Q: What is the best quote you have ever heard from one of your peers?
A: "No problems :-)"

Q: What is the best quote you have heard from our managers?
A: "At the end of the day, we have to focus" (in french accent)

Q: What is the most cutting-edge technology or framework you actually used on projects?
A: WebLogic Portal 10.0 with WSRP

Q: What is your favorite podcast?
A: Jave Posse ! What else!

Q: Which Java book can you recommend and for what reason?
A: "The Java™ Language Specification", know Java as well as a Java compiler does

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